angel is the cute small child in this group he loves to play and his cutness gets watever he wants no matter the situation he hardly fights but when he does his enemys get surprized on who they are fighting he loves anything cute and cuddles with it but if it tries to bite hell force it to act cute like himslef he is a angel so watever he touches becomes holy like shadow for watgever he touches is tainted and unholy he has blonde hair and has blue eyes hes 4' 5" im guessing and he carries around a big rounded blue ball that has a yellow strripe and star on it similar to the pixar ball cept reversed color he loves to play with others kids when they go to towns and is often transformed into a wolf cub to entertain em once they leave he goes around and hugs every single girl pretending to mistake em for mom to purify them when he fights he dodges and taunts the enemy which only prevokes em to attack with more energy then use a strong attack to finish em off his attire is along robe thats blue whilch he uses sometimes as a cape or blanket. he he enjoys to be around naxiro cuz he often gets piggy back rides and special treats if he behaves and doesnt taunt shadow as a comidic effect angel and shadow are shown to be dimwits on the same level and both complain at the sa
me time even though they both fight each other for action effect