Kagome Higurashi is one of the main protagonists of the series. Born in modern Japan as the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo, Kagome has the Shikon Jewel unknowingly hidden inside her body until 1997, when a demon pulls her into the Bone Eater's Well and 500 years back through time. They emerge in the Feudal Era about 50 years after Kikyo's death, where the demon extracts the jewel from Kagome. When another demon seizes the jewel, Kagome shoots it with a bow and arrow,

While trying to protect the jewel using a bow and arrow, she accidentally shatters it into numerous shards that disperse throughout the country. She agrees to help find them, as she can sense the presence of nearby shards. As the series progresses, she falls in love with InuYasha, and finds herself competing with the revived Kikyo for his affections. During the search for the jewel, Kagome's own spiritual powers and archery skills continue to improve. At the end of the series, Kagome returns to her own time for three years. She is then able to return to the Feudal era where she and InuYasha acknowledge their love for one another and she chooses to remain there with him.

Meeting JLEdit

She meets JL after releasing him from his cryongenic rest and is still the current wife of Inuyasha, but upon JL and her husband fighting over her she ends up hating Inuyasha and so she found herself a new husband. She changed her last name to Lyons because thats JL's real name. She called her new husband JL until the second movie JL the superhuman The Movie 2: JL's Past then she started to call him by his first name Jacob. She is also the sister-in-law of Claire.

Being Claire's sister-in-lawEdit

After getting married to her new husband she became Claire's sister-in-law.


JL: Kagome's second husband after she divorced Inuyasha.

Souta: Souta is Kagome's younger brother.

Claire: After marring JL she became sister-in-law with her.

Kagome and Souta's mother: The mother of Kagome lives in modern Japan.

Grandpa: Kagome's grandfather is the keeper of the Higurashi shrine.

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