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Wes dark is the soul piece of love and jealousy he has the age appearance of 16 but sometimes his mind interacts with Wes and his wisdom exceeds over his own.

he has the gift to exorcist demons but only does it if theirs women around that he falls for to impress though it never really works due to him constantly making the women find their soul mates leaving him alone and broken hearted every time and over time the pain grows more and more causing him to lose hope for life and others

he is somewhat of a goofball and clumsy on how he is always end up doing something perverted even when it’s not his fault or not alone doing this

his story is out of the far more sadden for it is about a boy who meets a girl that he was never to meet at all and thus making the flow of things go chaotic for him and her death was made so sooner than any had realized

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